First Board Meeting as a Trustee with DSBN

It really has been a whirlwind of activity in my life.   One of the most exciting changes in my life is being elected as a Trustee for the DSBN english speaking public schools in Grimsby, Beamsville, Vineland and Jordan.   On December 4th, 2018 I was sworn into office during our first meeting.   There was the election of Chair and Vice-Chair, and many presentations to the Board.   I was really touched when Harriet Tubman Public School performed “O Canada”.   They did such a fabulous job!  There was the Director’s Report and  Recognition where Kylee Smith of Stamford Collegiate Secondary School was recognized for her initiatives at her school as well as Sarah Cook, Teacher, for her work in the Bridge Program and it’s impact on students.

“I am from..” was a Teacher Led Learning Project that was truly facinating.  It spoke to inclusiveness and involved very talented members of the community who helped students with this project which included an incredible quilt that will continue to be showcased in schools.

I’m really looking forward to meeting more parents, staff and students as I work as your Trustee and represent my community!

So humbled…

So humbled by the results tonight!  Very proud to serve as Trustee of DSBN Public Schools in the Town of Lincoln/Grimsby.  Thank you all that voted for change!  I can’t wait to get started serving my community.

3 BIGGEST concerns of our constituents are….

I have gone door to door campaigning for weeks now. One of the top 3 concerns that constituents have in the Town of Lincoln/Grimsby is the environmental concerns of the land that was purchased for the new high school. In addition to this there are also concerns about the marijuana grow situated close to the location of the high school.

What is the response from your current local trustee?…/location-chosen-for-new-west-ni…

“Keddy-Scott says times are changing with the upcoming legalization of marijuana and they aren’t concerned since the government has various protocols in place….”

It’s time for change! Transparency, Accountability Communication and representing the concerns of my community is what I will be doing for you!

Vote Elizabeth Klassen on October 22, 2018.

It might be cold outside but the topic of conversation is HOT!

It might be cool outside but the conversation I had with the girls I met today while on a coffee break from campaigning was HOT! Sex Ed., marijuana, amalgamation of schools were some of the many topics we covered! I’m glad that I stopped to chat with you girls! I think that meeting so many amazing supporters and gaining more supporters has been the best part of my campaign! The communication that I’ve been able to have with you during my campaign is the communication that I intend to continue when I become the next Trustee! Don’t forget to vote! It’s your opportunity to make changes and it’s my intention to be visible, transparent, fiscally responsible and communicate with you. Thanks for your support! I’m not here just for the ribbon cuttings and photo ops (well maybe today I’m here for the selfie with these lovely gals) but I plan to represent you for education!
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Advanced polls are open!

You can vote online, phone and at the polling station.  Make sure you get your vote in and be educated about the candidates!   It has been such a pleasure meeting so many people in my community and knowing that I have your support.  Looking forward to meeting so many more people in the days ahead!

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It’s been a great day chatting with so many people in our community. I have had the opportunity to discuss many of the incredible things our public schools are doing for our children and some of the areas of concern for members of our community.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as we celebrate all the blessing that we have in our community!

Are you concerned about your child’s education? Read this…

Are you concerned about your child’s education?  Read this…

taken from The National Post:

Ontario’s math scores started declining as kids took the new curriculum, according to EQAO data

But parents and the provincial ministry are as much to blame as ineffective pedagogical techniques, experts say of Canadian kids trouble with math

Their bags are packed with calculators, protractors and new pencils, but the curriculum Ontario kids will learn in math class this fall might be what’s dragging down their math scores.

For the first time since 2000, half of Ontario grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial standards in math on last year’s standardized test from the Education Quality and Assessment Office (EQAO).

Student performance has been steadily declining since the 2009-2010 school year — four years after a new and still controversial math curriculum took effect. It’s also the same year the first batch of kindergarteners to be taught entirely in the new curriculum would have taken the standardized test.

From 2009 onwards, grade 6 students have been faring worse each year, and more troubling is the number who meet the standard in grade 3 but fail in grade 6 has increased each year, hitting 21 per cent last year.

… click below to read more

Ontario’s math scores started declining as kids took the new curriculum, according to EQAO data

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